Sunday Sayings . . .

I've been feeling under the weather this weekend.  A sore throat and very achy but I think I've turned a corner today.  : )

Happy Fathers' Day to all of the wonderful men out there that have taken on the responsibility of raising the child or children they've helped bring into this world.  There are far too many that choose to walk away.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!!  xo

~ Wendy


A Walk Around the Gardens . . .

They looked so much prettier a few days ago.  : (

These are my son's plants still waiting to be planted.  He promised it will be today.  We'll see.  : )

About to bloom.

Mr. Bigglesworth was following me.  : )

This baby sits in the bush outside of my office window and stares at me.  At night, he sits in the tree outside of the living room window and tweets at the top of his lungs.  This happens almost every night at the same time.  Very sweet but very loud!!  : ) 

I've been home since Sunday with a little girl with strep throat.  The doctor called today to confirm it.  She's had a fever and has barely eaten a thing in three days.  She seems to have taken a turn for the better today though.  I heard her singing in her room this morning and she just told us she's hungry.  The medicine they have for strep is a wonder drug.  Just a couple of doses and you feel a hundred times better thankfully.  Next week is her last week of school before summer break so I'm glad she's getting this over with now.  Lots of activities going on the next couple of weeks.  We need a healthy girl!! 

Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods?  I have to catch up with my favorite bloggers now.  It's been too long!!  xo

~ Wendy


A Very Good Day . . .

It's been rainy and grey and quite cool here in New York these last few days.  Those of you who know me know that this is my favorite kind of weather.  I may have mentioned in one (or five) previous posts that I believe I must've lived in England or Ireland in at least one of my past lives! : )  I've always been drawn to all things European, especially those two countries.  I visited Ireland years ago but haven't been to England yet.  For now, I'll dream as I look out my window at the grey skies and threatening rain clouds.  Also, when I check in with my favorite bloggers who lately seem to all live across the pond.  : )

Do you see the heart?  : )

There was a break in the weather on Saturday, though.  Megan played her last lacrosse game of the season.  She has her season ending pizza party tomorrow at 5:00 with her team.  That reminds me that I have to pick up juice boxes.  : )

A little in-between-games snack.

My honey on the sidelines.

That's a wrap!!!

After the games ended (they played five 20 minute games all together) we headed home.  I'm not familiar with the area and ended up taking  a different route then before.

Then this happened . . .

Are they . .??  No, they can't be!!!  YES THEY ARE!!!! . . .

CAMELS!!!  And lots of them!!!  Well, that's a first for me!!!  LOL!! 

This guy was in a field by himself on the other side of the road.  He was probably the trouble maker of the group and needed a little time out.  He definitely wasn't camera shy either!!

Closer to home, we couldn't go by this little roadside stand without stopping and grabbing some ice cream.  It's never a bad time for ice cream in our world!!

All in all, it was a wonderful day.  Blue skies, lacrosse, camels and ice cream.  Not too shabby!!  : )

Happy Tuesday!! ~ Wendy  xo


Sunday Sayings . . .


Many blessings for a happy Sunday.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of London.  There are truly no words for any of this.

~ Wendy


Pop's Gardens . . .

After the wedding celebrations were done in Knoxville, we headed to Jim's parents' beautiful home in Elizabethton, Tennessee to spend a few days.  It was the first time that all of the cousins were together under one roof there.  : )

Learning how to pick asparagus.

Their "Pop" took them outside and showed them his gardens.  Megan and Brendan had seen them before when we visited last summer but my nephews, Andre and Jason, were seeing them for the first time.  

Pop and Megan.

If I'm remembering correctly, these are onions.  : )


Grape vines.

Baby grapes.

Nephew Jason and his trusty sword!!

Still more asparagus to be picked!!

Broccoli, potatoes and tomatoes.


The view at the top of their yard looking up.

The view at the top of their yard looking down.

Should we or shouldn't we???

What the heck!!!  It'll be fun!!!

Climbing back up didn't seem so bad!!

Really Mom/Aunt Wendy???  You want us to face the afternoon sun and pose for you???   Well, this is as good as you're gonna get!!!!  : )

Megan, Andre, Jason and Brendan.

Oh the drama!!!  LOL!!!

 I hope you enjoyed your tour of Pop's Gardens!!  : )

 ~ Wendy  xo